Monday, 30 December 2013

Band T-Shirt Patchwork Quilt

The house is full of old t-shirts I don't want to part with and having already turned some into cushion covers I needed a different way to give them a new lease of life. Turning them into a quilt cover had been on my mind for a while, but it seemed like such a mammoth project I kept putting it off.

It has been a hell of a lot of work, but I've spaced it out by doing a little bit every weekend. I think it's well worth it and the end result is awesome. In fact, it's so cosy I may have trouble getting out of bed in future.

18 t-shirts (or 36 if you want a print on all of the squares)
Black cotton
Sewing machine

Recommended additional ingredients
Chocolate HobNobs
Some of your preferred swear words
My patchwork playlist

18 t-shirts.

Mixed bag: Thrice, Manic Street Preachers, Metallica, Therapy?, Turn, King Adora, NOFX, Dead Letter Drop, The Locust, Joy Division, Mogwai, Thursday, Turbonegro, Planes Mistaken For Stars, Hell Is For Heroes and Idlewild.

Iron all t-shirts.
I'm sorry, but it has to be done and will make 
your life easier in the long run.

Cut a 7" by 7" square out of grease proof paper and pin through both layers of t-shirt.

You'll end up with two squares from each t-shirt.
Repeat with all t-shirts until you have 36 squares!

Lay them out six by six how you want them to appear in the quilt.

Take the first two squares in the bottom left-hand corner and lay one on top of the other with the print facing inwards.

Pin half an inch from the edge on one side and then sew them together.

Repeat with the other squares from the same row until you have a line of six squares sewn together.

Repeat with the others until you have six lines made up of six squares each.

Sew the lines together using a half inch seam.

Lay the top of the quilt cover face down on the black sheet.

Pin half an inch from the edge on the left, top and right-hand sides. I then did a rough hand stitch so I could take the pins out.

Leave the bottom edge open, except for about six inches at either corner, and add the poppers.

Ta-da! An awesome way to ensure your 
old band t-shirts get the life they deserve.

Patchwork playlist

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